Vonda Stanley's collection of early Australian bush poems




From the George Bateman Collection, copiled by Howard Rose.


 Boys of the Second First

By J Perry, for the 2/1st Pioneers. 7th Platoon. A Company.  (The fighting 7th)


From Australia's shores we've travelled

To this God forsaken land,

To fight for King and Country

To rid these foes of man,

When Hitler and Musso',

On this world their curse did put,

They thought that we were easy,

but oh! they struck a rut,

as we marched through El Kantara,

We were all so full of glee,

They said we're off to Bardia,

To obtain a Victory.


But when we reached Alexandria,

To the desert we did go,

To a place called Ameraya

There to watch the sand storms blow.

Then to Sallum they said they'd send us,

But somehow, their plans went wrong.

For a few hours later they brought us,

To the camp we'd started from.


Someday we'll meet the "Dagoes".

And may God help those greasy "Spaggs",

For then they'll know the reason,

Why we are their greatest snags.

The Pioneers are Churchill's secret weapon,

For old England's foes to smash.

We'll clean up all the trash,

And when this bloody war is over,

Back to dear old Aussie land,

Full of beer and song, as ever,

And there forever, we'll make a stand.

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