Vonda Stanley's collection of early Australian bush poems




From the George Bateman Collection, copiled by Howard Rose.


 Hitler's Goal


Old "Nick" arrived upon this Earth, disguised as Santa Claus,

He was looking for a Worldly Chap, to carry on his cause.

He found a guy called Hitler, as foul as foul could be,

He said "By all the "devils", this is the cove for me".

"Nick" made him Chief Commander, to murder and to slay,

To hand out grief and horror, as gifts, on Xmas Day.

"Old Nick" said "He's a wonder of all my hellish crew,

He's the foulest creature that ever walked or flew,

But when he's taken from this earth, there's one thing worries me.

If I'm not careful, he'll rule Hell, instead of me.


They say that Hitler had a mother, but of that I have a doubt,

I think he was conceived in Hell, and somehow he got out.

He put the World in torment, with his bloody lust to slay.

Murdering defenseless folk, who happened in his way.

But the time is swiftly coming when you'll hear his frantic yell.

"Old Nick" will yell in fiendish glee and bid him not to wail,

He'll take away his swatztika and give him back his tail.


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