Vonda Stanley's collection of early Australian bush poems




From the George Bateman Collection, copiled by Howard Rose.


 Lord Haw Haw

By Cpl. K. Stewart.


I don't think Adolf meant it to be so,

Or Gobbels ever did forsee,

While listening to their radio,

They would most enjoy, "Lord Haw Haw".


They calls us "Rats" and Bushrangers,

And gave us just two days,

To realize our great danger,

And mend our Aussie ways.


They showered us with pamphlets

Which read like lovers farces,

We roared with laughter at their threats,

And used the paper on our arses.


They said they'd open Bardia way,

And let the Diggers through.

We thought it a funny thing to say,

We didn't believe it true,


And when they go on leave to Alex'.

Our bombers we'll withdraw,

For in spite of damage they can do,

The Diggers will do more. 


They called us prisoners of war

Self supporting and self fed,

They thought to touch on the "raw"

But it made us laugh instead.


And when things looked glum and down-and-out,

We think of the fate of Warsaw,

So we just tune into Berlin's blast.

And who cheers us up? Good old "Lord Haw Haw".


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