Vonda Stanley's collection of early Australian bush poems




From the George Bateman Collection, copiled by Howard Rose.



Contributed by Beth Stranger, 1946


Through the strikes and low production,

Of the Socialistic mess,

Through the shortages and sorrow,

Of a Nation in distress,

Comes the drawling voice of Chifley,

As he tries to fool us still

Will you judge us on our record

And we answer, "Yes we will".


We'll think about the coal strikes,

About the "Commos" cunning band

And the tolerance that is shown them,

As they undermine the land.

We'll think about the rabbits,

And the fences that are not,

And all the farm machinery,

That we want and haven't got.


We think about the money,

That we earn by land and brain,

That's scarcely in our pocket,

"Ere it's taxed away again,

We'll think of rising prices,

Restrictions and controls,

And Government Dictators,

Who'd like to own our souls.


We'll think about sad efforts,

To "Socialize" the banks,

And though it failed,

There may be more.

Of such unlawful pranks,

We'll think of all the Unions,

Where the "Commos" have their say,

Where the freedom of the worker,

Is lessening every day.


We'll think of rationed petrol,

And crippling Income Tax,

And telephones and houses,

And a hundred other lacks,

And we'll think of our Ben Chifley,

And your fellow muddlers too,

And We'll think of all the troubles,

That we're in because of you.


We'll judge you on your record,

That has brought Australia low,

And when we give our verdict,

I think you had better go.

We'll judge you on your record,

That has filled us with disgust,

And very, very soon,

We'll get rid of you or bust.



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