Vonda Stanley's collection of early Australian bush poems




From the George Bateman Collection, copiled by Howard Rose.


 Pal of Mine

By Pte. "Jock" Bell


When this was has ended,

And again we cross the foam,

Many a story we will tell,

To our folks back at home.

When we meet together,

Everyone will be glad,

But what about our pal,

One of the best we ever had.


Dear Bob, how I miss you,

Oh, how long it seems,

You'll always be a memory,

Always in my dreams,

We were both pals at "Pucka"

Lived in Hut 4D.

I'll never forget those happy days,

Good times we had galore.


Little did I think Pal,

You would leave me so soon,

But God took you to Himself,

Up at Meryiyoun.

We'll never forget you Bob,

We all know your worth,

And now we hope to meet,

When we leave this Earth.


I leave you now, Pioneer,

I know you're safe at rest,

You were a Pioneer Hero,

I know you've done your best.

You were a Pioneer Pal,

"Dinki Di" and true,

All our thoughts, my pal,

Will ever be with you.


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