Vonda Stanley's collection of early Australian bush poems




From the George Bateman Collection, copiled by Howard Rose.


 The Bardia Do


Oh, let me tell you a story, 

About the Bardia Do,

You may not believe my story,

But I'll swear to you, it's true,

The "Ities" shelled us daily,

They gave us merry hell,

They even blew our cook-house up;

With four-inch H.E. Shell.


When the Bardia Do was over,

Our thoughts turned to women and wine,

They said we'd have to move up,

And make for a brand new line.

So we packed and we moved up

To a place they called Tobruk

They said "You can take it easy lads,

With a bit of flaming luck".


We took Tobruk quite easily,

Yes we did, "in a pigs bloody arse".

Now this has taught us something,

We'll be ready for the next big stouch.

And I bet the boys will help us,

To camouflage our "cook-house".


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