Vonda Stanley's collection of early Australian bush poems




From the George Bateman Collection, copiled by Howard Rose.




I have been sitting down and thinking,

Waching the setting sun,

Wondering when this war will finish,

And we've cleaned up the bloody "Hun".

Hitler and all his gang,

Know we come here, not in vain,

But I'll be mighty pleased,

When we get home again.


We do not mind a scrap,

We're not hard to please,

But we get homesick for Aussie,

And friends far overseas.

We do not want to grumble,

My feelings you'll understand,

But we do get disgruntled,

  With burning heat and sand. 


When we joined the bloody Army,

We meant to make the grade,

But it gets bloody monotonous,

Always on parade.

We can do the glamour stuff,

In the proper style,

You folks back home keep cheery,

And wear a victory smile.


Take this simple message,

From a Pioneer, such as I,

We'll come back to Aussie,

When the clouds roll by.

We'll cuddle up to our sweethearts,

And "roll the barrel" too,

When we get back to Aussie,

And all the friends we knew.


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