Vonda Stanley's collection of early Australian bush poems




From the George Bateman Collection, copiled by Howard Rose.


 We Can Depend on You

contributed by an English  Soldier.


We hope to be with you wherever you go,

Be it another country, no matter the foe,

For you Aussie pals, have proved to us here,

That you don't know the meaning of pain nor fear,

We depended on you to hold the front line,

And you held it with rifle, machine gun and mine.


With mortars you sent over bombs by the score,

While their shells fell around you, with swish and a roar,

Splinters and bullets fell like rains,

You were oft' times caught by Jerry's planes,

But you still held the line, though some of you fell,

And what was your answer?  We always could tell.


You would ask for a barrage, from our lads at the rear,.

You would charge out with bayonets, knowing no fear,

And Jerry would run, as all of us know,

Running as fast as he could go,

Praying and cursing you Aussies, all.

Hoping to "Gott", you wouldn't kill them all.


And that's why Tobruk is still held by us,

And held without much trouble and fuss.

You're all such very fine friends,

We hope to fight with you until it all ends.

So God bless you and good luck to you all,

Let's hope we're together when Germany shall fall.


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