Women Bush Poets of Early Australia

poems marked * contain brief notes about the poet.


Dora Wilcox

The call of the Bush

The Wattle Tree.


Ruth Bedford                                    The Witches Song

Elsie Cole                                         The Herb of Grace

Norma L Davis                                         Scrub Cattle

Helen De Guerry Simpson                                     Sound

Mary Finnin, (b. 1906 - )                 The Man From Strathbogie

Lala Fisher, (b. 1872 Rockhampton to 1929)   The Moon Flower

Lola Gornall                                                                         Nostalgia 

Lesbia Harford   (About Lesbia Harford)        Summer Lighting

Alice Lapthorne                                                              The Mallee

Ella McFadyen                                       The Western Road

Myra Morris                                                            A Morning Walk

Nina Murdoch                                                 The Braemar Road

Marie E. J. Pitt                                           A Gallop of Fire

Ethel Turner                            Where Does the Winter Go?



Zora Cross,b.1890

(About Zora Cross)





The Fairies Fair

The New Moon





Oodgeroo Noonuccal aka Kath Walker (b. 1920 - )

We are Going

Municipal Gum

          Namatjira    New

Son of Mine  



Mary Hannay Foott

(1846 Glasgow - Sept 1918 Bundaberg)

Where the Pelican Builds

The Fate of Bass


 Mary Gilmore, O. B. E.  (nee Cameron).  

b.1865 Goulburn - 1962 Sydney  Edited women's page of the "Sydney Worker" for 23 years


O Singer in Brown

Pejar Creek

The First Thrush

 The Little Shoes That Died*

The Silk of the Sunlight

The Waradgery Tribe New



Mary E Fullerton 

(b. 1868 - 1946)  For 10 years was the Social and Literary Editor of  "The Queenslander"

 The Skull

    A Mans a Sliding Mood




Joan S. MacKaness

 Goblin Green

In Early Green Summer



Enid Durham

The Wind Child

The Mountain Road


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