Vonda Stanley's collection of early Australian bush poems


Who’s that dancing on the moonlight air,

Heel tapping, Toe-heel rapping?

Oberon opening the fairies’ fair

To jig away sorrow on the grave of Care.

Come along, old folk, cold fork, bold folk,

Drop your shears at the midnight stroke.

Elves are crying: "Who’ll come buying

Jugs of Joy from a fairy’s cloak?"

Mab is sitting on a silver shoe,

Bright eyes laughing, Light lips quaffing

Airy bubbles from a cup of dew,

Her bracelets tinkle with delights for you.

Come along tall folk, small folk, all folk,

Race the stream where the fat frogs croak,

Buy a bobbin! There goes Robin

Tying Time to a daisy’s yoke!

 Zora Cross.


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