Vonda Stanley's collection of early Australian bush poems



Last sea-thing dredged by sailor Time from Space,

Are you a drift Sargasso, where the West

In halcyon calm rebuilds her fatal nest?

Or Delos of a coming Sun-God race?

Are you for Light, and trimmed, with oil in place,

Or but a Will o' Wisp on marshy quest?

A new demesne for Mammon to infest?

Or lurks millenial Eden 'neath your face?

The cenotaphs of species dead elsewhere

That in your limits leap and swim and fly.

Or trail uncanny harp-strings from your trees,

Mix omens with auguries that dare

To plant the Cross upon your forehead sky,

A virgin helpmate Ocean at your knees.


    Bernard O'Dowd   

1866, Beaufort,Vict  - 1954.  For much of his life was Librarian in the Vict. Supreme Court.

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