Vonda Stanley's collection of early Australian bush poems


Kitty's Broom


When Kitty glides into the room - there I contrive to stay,

And watch her while she, with her broom, sweeps all the dust away.

For bright-faced slender Kitty's such a comely sight to see,

She grasps that broom with magic touch and waves it witchingly.

And with her white and shapely arms, where dimples love to play,

She weilds that magic wand and charms dull care - and dust - away.

All life's care and sad concerns no longer darkly loom,

All shadow into sunlight turns - when Kitty 'does' the room.

Along life's thorny path of gloom I'd wend a cheerful way -

Did heaven send Kitty, with her broom, to brush the briars away!



Harry Morant (the breaker)  

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