Vonda Stanley's collection of early Australian bush poems


New Guinea Campaign


Are you there Peter Lalor, are you there,

ghost with gold-dust in your hair;

and lean Stuart do you ride

to seek your northern tide

where in greens they're slowly swinging

through the mud, too tired for singing,

where the poison of New Guinea fills the air?

Are you there, untiring Eyre, are you there,

with your heart beyond compare;

are you there, you brave wild Kellys

where heroes on their bellies

through the jungle now are creeping

--may their women have no weeping--

where snipers from their tree-tops coldly stare?


You ghosts that walk beside

them, do you watch them now with pride

as through green hell and glory

they carry on   your story

where in mud their feet are sinking

and in dreams they're always thinking

of their homes and of the cobbers that have died?



Ian Mudie

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