Vonda Stanley's collection of early Australian bush poems


The Husband


Yes, I have slain, and taken moving life

From bodies.  Yea! And laughed upon the taking;

And, having slain, have whetted still the knife

For more and more, and heeded not the making

Of things that I was killing.  Such 'twas then!

But now the thirst so hideous has left me.

I live within a coolness, among calm men,
And yet am strange.  A something has bereft me

Of a seeing, and strangely love returns;

And old desires half-known, and hanging sorrows.

I seem agaze with wonder.  Memory burns.

I see a thousand vague and sad tomorrows.
None sees my sadness.  No one understands

How I must touch her hair with bloody hands.


Leon Gellert 

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