Vonda Stanley's collection of early Australian bush poems

WW2 Diggers Poems


From the George Bateman Collection, compiled by Howard Rose.

           About these poems from WW 2  (Howard Rose) howierose@bigpond.com


What's a Digger

Safe and Well

                                               The Benghazi Handicap  by Sgt. E Gilbert & N Lansberg 2/1st Pioneers

"Song of Tobruk"

The Pioneers Song


                             Faded Suits of Green  By Rebecca Morton.

                                           Our Record   Contributed by Beth Stranger, 1946

                       The Epitaph  By Sgt Ian Healy

                                                                Boys of the Second First                                                                  By J Perry, for the 2/1st Pioneers. 7th Platoon.  A Company.  (The fighting 7th)

The Unsung Heroes of the A.I.F.

Hitler's Goal

My Friends Who Stayed at Home

The Tale of Doom

                                                                        This is Palestine  By E.R. Saunders.  2/1st Pioneers 6th Division A.I.F.  July 1941

Fuzzy Wuzzie Angels

                                       The Sunburnt Bloke    By Christopher Jones, Sydney.

                            The Singing Diggers      By Sapper L. Porter.

Tell Her I'm O K

                                                                        The Diggers Home         By  Cpl. K. Stewart.  2/1st Pioneer Battalion

                             Lord "Haw Haw"      By Cpl K Stewart

                                           We Can Depend on You   Contributed  by an English Soldier.

The Diggers Lament

The Moon

                          The Raw Recruit   By "Snowy"  R Jardine

The Second First Pioneers

A Soldiers Farewell to Egypt


                           Pal of Mine   By Pte. "Jock" Bell

                       Fort Meryiyoun  By Pte. "Jock" Bell

       The Bardia Do

Perlease Mr. Censor

                                Middle East Astern  Composed by Ships Crew,

  The Womenfolk we Left Behind




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