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Vonda Stanley's collection of  

Early Australian bush poems

Last updated June 2009

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A.B (Banjo) Paterson

1864 (Narrambla) - 1941

A Bush Christening

A Mountain Station

Artesian Water

Black Harry's Team  

Black Swans *

Clancy of the Overflow

Daylight is Dying

Geebung Polo Club

On Kiley's Run      

Opening of the Railway Line

Over the Range


The Man From Ironbark

The Man From Snowy River

The Plains

The Traveling Post Office

The Weather Prophet    New

The Winds Message

Waltzing Matilda

We're all Australians now 

With the Cattle



Henry Lawson


Australian Engineers   

Cameron's Heart   

Eureka *

Mount Bukaroo

Second Class Wait Here  



That there dog o' mine 

The Bush Girl

The Christ of the Never   

The Fire at Ross's Farm

The Ghost      

The Glass on the Bar   

The Loaded Dog

The Lights of Cobb & Co

The Never Never Land

The Old Jimmy Woodser

The Teams

The Water-lily  

Waratah and Wattle
































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